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The 10 secrets of women’s private parts you should know!

About the health of private parts, I believe that many women have some doubts, but are ashamed to talk about it for various reasons.

In this regard, we collected some common problems of female friends and consulted with Dr. Xie Ling, a senior experimentalist of the Academy of Military Medical Sciences, on this issue.

Do you have the same confusion?

  1. why the skin inside my there is not smooth to the touch at all?

Expert answer: If the inside of the labia is suddenly becoming uneven, such as if the skin here suddenly blisters, then you should go to the doctor in time. In general, the skin in this area is not very smooth.

  1. Where does the vaginal wetness come from when I am sexually aroused? What is the medical term for this stuff?

Answer: There are many glands around the vaginal opening, such as the urethral glands, Skene’s glands, vestibular glands, etc. These glands secrete fluid that lubricates the opening and the lining of the vagina. During sexual arousal, the amount of secretion increases.

  1. What is the frequency of masturbation too much? Is it possible to damage the clitoris by masturbating too intensely?

Expert answer: Unless you masturbate 24 hours a day, it is generally impossible to damage your clitoris. However, it is possible that you will gradually become less sensitive to stimulation, resulting in, well, less likely to reach orgasm later.

  1. Does a woman really bleed down there after her first sexual encounter? How much is normal to bleed? Is it normal to not bleed?

Expert answer: Some women bleed after the first night, some do not. If the bleeding continues for several hours or even many days and pads are not enough, it is time to see a doctor. If the bleeding is heavy, it is definitely not normal.

  1. Why is it that when I make love, my bottom never gets wet enough, or it dries up after a while? What should I do? I also know that I can use lubricant, but I always feel that it is not safe.

Expert answer: many lubricants are quite safe. It is recommended that you buy a small bottle to try it out and use it a few times to see how it feels.

When having sex, it is important to communicate with your partner if you have discomfort as well.

In addition, if you take certain birth control pills, there is a risk of insufficient secretion, causing conditions such as vaginal dryness.

Also, certain chronic vaginal inflammatory conditions may cause this condition, if this is the case, please seek medical attention.

  1. Every time my partner and I try to unlock another position, I feel pain. He goes a little deeper and I feel a sharp pain and we have to stop, otherwise I even cramp up in pain. Is there something wrong with me?

Expert answer: We recommend that you go to the hospital promptly. There are some diseases such as ovarian cysts or fibroids that can potentially cause pain when being impacted during intercourse.

Some people have abnormal positions of the cervix and uterus that can also cause this. It is also recommended that you try the female superior position, which may reduce the pain.

  1. why do I feel like something is coming out of my lower body every day, so it’s hard for me to wear bottoms eh! There is always a strange smell coming out. What should I do?

Answer: Usually a fishy smell from the lower body means that bacterial vaginosis may be present and a BV test is recommended.

In this case, there is an imbalance in the normal vaginal flora, which can seriously disrupt the local pH level and cause disease.

  1. What does a really healthy and clean vagina smell like? Is there no smell at all?

Answer: A clean vagina also has a smell. The smell is not unpleasant and does not smell like fish. How can I put it? It’s hard to describe.

  1. Is it harmful to wash my vulva with a scented lotion?

Expert answer: Harmful! The use of scented lotions is strongly discouraged. You should know that the skin of women’s vulva is very sensitive. You may be allergic to some of the ingredients in the lotion.

Moreover, the vulva does not need excessive cleaning, simple washing is enough.

  1. I haven’t had my period for months, but I haven’t had sex, what’s going on?

Expert answer: Besides pregnancy, other factors can cause delayed periods, such as stress, thyroid problems, or dieting, too much exercise, etc. It is also possible.

There is also the possibility of polycystic ovary syndrome, which is becoming more and more common nowadays, and has other symptoms, such as increased hair.

In any case, it is important to seek medical attention to identify the cause of this condition and intervene as soon as possible to treat it.

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