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Dreaming of someone you like means you miss him? The truth you may never guess!

About dreams, I believe that we hear most often than “day thinking, night dreaming”.

Of course, people’s research on dreams has never stopped, and in China there has always been the saying “Zhou Gong interprets dreams”, so we can see the importance people attach to dreams.

In fact, the famous psychologist Sigmund Freud once divided dreams into two levels: those remembered by the person concerned are called explicit dreams, but they are not the real content of dreams; those not remembered by the other person concerned are implicit dreams, which contain more important meanings.

Along with people’s research on dreams, our curiosity about dreams is growing, and even ordinary people start to explore the meanings expressed in dreams after having a dream, especially some déjà vu images that cause more and more people to ponder deeply.

For example, when we dream of someone we like, does it simply mean that you like the other person? We may look for a reliable answer from psychology.

Daytime thoughts and nighttime dreams

Studies have shown that “daytime thoughts, nighttime dreams” exist. When you subconsciously think about someone often, they will appear in your dreams after you go to sleep at night, and the more you think about them, the more likely they will appear.

After people fall asleep, the brain is not in a state of rest, it is still in an orderly operation, but it is not as organized as during the day, but in a very chaotic state.

That’s why there is no logic to the dreams we have. At one time it’s this scene, but the next it’s another unrelated scene, but in the human subconscious, these are things we have seen before, that’s why we feel déjà vu, but we don’t remember it after we wake up.

When we dream about someone afterwards, it means that you think about him somewhat more during the day and deepen your impression of him, so a kind of dream is formed at night. If you have thought about the scene of holding hands with the other person, then a similar behavior will appear in your dream.

Dreams can contrast your subconscious mind

Everyone has their own subconscious, but sometimes it is difficult to be aware of it, but it still has an impact on our lives.

A person who makes you miss them is bound to be mixed with the emotion of liking them, so when your subconscious mind deepens this longing again and again, the other person will appear in your dreams. If you can remember the dream you had the next day, you can check out your subconscious mind to determine how much you miss someone.

The psychologist Sigmund Freud once said: “The subconscious mind” is the internal driving force of all human behavior, so it is clear that the appearance of dreams is completely dependent on the subconscious mind, although you sometimes find it difficult to notice its appearance, but through the dream can have a comparison with their own subconscious mind.

When we dream about a person frequently, it is actually the subconscious mind that causes this person to appear in our dreams frequently. Even though your impression of this person is getting faded, the subconscious mind does not disappear as a result, only the central nerve of your brain diminishes your impression and the other person still appears in your dreams.

Dreams have the principle of mutuality

In fact, when you dream about someone, it is not only your subconscious mind that tells you to think about the other person, but also that the other person is thinking about you too.

Although it is true that dreaming about the other person is because of your own subconscious mind and lies entirely in your own state, but in reality the relationship between people is mutual, and when your subconscious mind causes you to dream about the other person, it is likely that the other person is also thinking about you.

Very often, when you have a good feeling about a person, the other person is also able to detect it and will also give you certain responses and signals, and if we put it in the dream world, we can explain why dreams have the principle of mutuality.

So, when you dream about a person, it means that you think about him or even move a feeling, but at the same time, the other person also has a good feeling about you according to your performance, and maybe there will be an emotional connection between you and thus come together.

In a sense, dreaming is a very good thing, it has a good adjustment to the human psyche, but we do not need to go overboard to examine, after all, life goes on, dreams are not comparable to reality, sometimes live the moment, is the most important thing in life, do you think?

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