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Men who are over 50 years old, can still complete these six things, indicating good physical fitness!

Aging is a thing that humans cannot avoid. It just seems to our naked eyes that some people’s aging speed is relatively slow, while some people’s aging speed is faster, what is the reason for this?

Aging generally starts from about 30 years old, too many free radicals in the human body cause too much oxidation, thus consuming most of the energy to destroy the body’s normal cells, making the body aging, aging is from the cells.

When the function of human cells gradually declines to a certain degree, the function of each organ of the human body will also gradually lose, and then the human body becomes senescent.

Secondly, the human brain center also has a great influence on aging, and if a person suddenly receives a mental shock, he or she may suddenly age.

Aging is an inevitable process of many pathologies, physiological as well as psychological, and is a physiological-psychological process in the last stage of human growth and development.

Although aging cannot be avoided, we can do something to slow it down, and there are ways to cure the various diseases that cause aging. In addition, it is important to balance the body with a proper diet and nutrition.

If a man is over 50 years old, he can still accomplish these 6 things, or indicate good physical quality

(1) Good exercise ability

Exercise can exercise the muscles, enhance cardiorespiratory function, improve the reserve capacity of the heart muscle and lung function. And exercise can accelerate the metabolism in the body, can regulate the excitability of the central nervous system and inhibition process, thus improving sleep movement, but also to enhance personal fitness, improve the body’s immunity, the psychological can also have a positive impact.

Therefore, after 50 years old, a man still has good athletic ability, indicating that his physical quality is good.

(2) Clear thinking

After a person is old, the cells in the brain aging, hands and feet become less dexterous, thinking is not as good as before.

But if a person takes good care of his body before entering old age, the speed of aging of the mind will be relatively slow. From this point can also be seen, when the male after 50 years old, thinking is still clear, it can be known that his physical quality is very good.

(3) Good memory

Memory loss is a significant change after a person enters old age. The reason for memory loss in the elderly may be related to a variety of diseases, the most common one being Alzheimer’s disease, also known as dementia. But if a person enters old age, memory is still good, it also means that he usually pay attention to exercise, good habits, body function is not declining quickly.

(4) Good sleep

With the aging of body functions, the pineal gland in the elderly body secrete less melatonin, and melatonin has the role of promoting sleep, therefore, the elderly generally sleep less.

(5) Normal nocturnal urination

After the enlargement and hypertrophy of the prostate gland in the elderly, it makes the base of the bladder triangle compensatory hypertrophy and hyperreflexia of the forced urinary muscles, which will lead to more nighttime urination in the elderly, but not much daytime urination. The quiet environment and concentration at night make it easier to produce the urge to urinate.

(6) There is no unpleasant smell

The human body may emit an unpleasant odor as it ages, which is the smell of old age. Due to the aging of the body when the internal organs and cell degeneration, there may be an unpleasant smell, and because the skin metabolism of the elderly is relatively slow, easy to deposit a lot of dead skin, will also produce the smell.

In short, in general, we must develop good habits and exercise regularly, which can slow down the speed of aging.

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