• Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Science: 15 pieces of cold knowledge about men’s health!

1, men eat beef, seafood can be health

2, do not smoke and drink coffee when particularly tired

3, do not hard don’t when you go to the toilet, it will cause hemorrhoids

4, pour the urine into a clean cup, if clean, representing good health, if turbid with floating matter, most of the kidney deficiency

5, men also need to drink more hot water

6, sedentary, more harmful to men, may lead to urinary calculi, hemorrhoids

7, young men are normal urinary bifurcation, more than 50 years old, we should consider whether prostatitis

8, boys can also get breast cancer

9, do not let boys play games, their mood will be bad, bad mood will cause a series of male diseases

10, if you want to have a baby, you must quit smoking, quit drinking

11, men better not wear tight underwear, do not often soak in a hot bath

12, middle-aged men’s health weakness is fat, must strengthen the movement

13, men bleeding more than a third of their own will be at risk

14, the male heartbeat, generally slower than girls

15, regular checkups, do a healthy man

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