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What changes will occur in the body of women before menopause? Women must know!

Menstruation is a special physiological structure for women and the normalcy of a woman’s menstrual cycle is a matter of their health. However, before women go through menopause, their body will also have many different changes.

  1. Variable period duration

Many women when they are about to menopause, the time of menstruation will be delayed, the amount of menstrual blood will also appear in large quantities and last for a long time, some women will maintain their periods for half a month, some will start to appear once in 60 days or 90 days, and even during the physiological period, the appearance will also appear certain changes.

  1. Insomnia

During menopause, the estrogen in women’s bodies is not very stable and they may even suffer from a certain degree of insomnia. If you have been experiencing insomnia in the recent past, you should start thinking about whether you are suffering from menopause. In addition, many women also experience emotional and anxiety disorders during this period.

  1. Dryness and heat in the body

Most women experience this condition and generally have a feeling of body heat. The main focus is on the chest and back, and these two places are particularly obvious and prominent. Many women experience this at night, and they respond that it has seriously affected their sleep, and many have experienced hair loss.

  1. Emotional ups and downs

When you are about to encounter menopause, many women at this time will appear emotional phenomenon. The main thing is to be angry, often a little bit on fire. Of course, some women also appear depression. So, here is also a warning to many women’s families, if you are close to a woman encountered this situation, must be more open, so that she is in a good mood, smooth through this period.

However, many experts believe that very late menopause is not bad for women, because everyone’s physical condition is different, some people have menopause very early, and some people even have physiological phenomena and conditions when they reach about 50 years old.

Of course, this is another way to show that such women are still in a very good state of age, because the later their amenorrhea, it proves that they age later, but also that their bodies are very healthy.

Of course, there are some exceptions here, for example, many women still experience menstruation when they are around 60 years old, which indicates that there is something very wrong within her body and it is best to go to the hospital should have a gynecological examination.

Therefore, many people now believe that women should not be too late for menopause, the best time is when women are around 50 years old, do you agree with this statement?

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