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How to determine that your man no longer loves you?

Love is no right or wrong, love will love when it comes, if love goes, do not love each other, the following are 31 kinds of men no longer love you performance.

Men no longer love you performance.

1、no matter what you say to him, he is a look of impatience or very polite face.

2、together with walking in the street, he no longer hold your hand, buy things no longer help you carry, in the car no longer help you pull the car door.

3、no longer every day to cook for you to eat, no longer buy delicious fun to you.

4、every day early and late, no matter where you go no longer tell you, sometimes home in the middle of the night, sometimes out overnight.

5、no matter how long you stay outside will not be nervous, do not care.

6、Traveling or going out to socialize or not, no longer take you.

7、sleep in a bed no longer hand to you as a pillow, even if you hold you because of physical needs.

8、every day, phone messages ringing non-stop, and you are not allowed to see.

9、a headache does not care, no longer buy you medicine, no longer accompany you to the doctor.

10、you do not remember your birthday, important days also do not remember.

11、He seems more and more silent in front of you, more and more lack of conversation. But in front of other friends, the attitude remains the same. He rarely talks to you about his work situation or relationships around him. If you tease him, he will seem distracted and inattentive.

12、He deliberately reduces the opportunity to meet with you, and often uses different excuses to avoid meeting. If you and he are married or living together, he still often stays after work or goes out with colleagues to “have fun”. Of course, he does not want to stay at home, does not necessarily mean that a third party has appeared. It just means that spending time with you is no longer a pleasant experience.

13、The smile that he used to have on his face is reduced and replaced by the expression of inevitability. And he is avoiding physical contact with you.

14、You will occasionally find him talking on the phone with other people of the opposite sex, and it is surprising that a conversation is a couple of hours. Or, the conversation is not with a third party, he just wants to find someone to talk to, and that person is no longer you.

15、He is no longer as often as he used to be warm, showing his heart as fine as dust. The most recent even if you advise you to see a doctor, the tone of voice will always be a little impatient. In short, not as considerate as before, no longer pay attention to the smallest aspects of your life. So if these situations occur, it’s time to deal with the feelings.

16、colder than before.

17、eyes drifting uncertainly.

18、often angry with you.

19、What’s in your heart won’t be said to you anymore.

20、The care for you is gone.

21、Often refuse you with no time.

22、no longer and you have intimate actions.

23、When shopping to keep a distance from you.

24、Hurry to hang up the phone when you call.

25、The communication between you is reduced.

26、The things you say, the problems you talk about, and the people around you are no longer so enthusiastic, not interested, or even resentful.

27、 do not want you to interfere too much with his private life, no longer like to take you to his friends to their parties.

28、no longer want to hold your hand, take you to his home, to visit his parents and relatives.

29、do not want to say a word more with you. Silence seems to be his family routine.

30、your personal life is not in concern, even a strange man with you on the phone, he did not bother to ask a word more.

31、and you are together, frequent fiddling with the phone, cell phone text messages increased.

The above is the performance of men no longer love you, I hope it will help you, for reference only, the specific problems or need specific analysis.

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