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How many lies about health have you believed?

  1. heat stroke only occurs outdoors


Heat stroke is caused by too much sunlight and only occurs outdoors, so don’t worry if you stay indoors.


Heat stroke is not an outdoor “specialty”, but can be caused by the summer heat, indoor sweltering heat and lack of ventilation.

Heat stroke is the most serious case of heat-related emergencies, that is, severe heat stroke, is due to exposure to high temperatures and high humidity in the body regulatory imbalance, heat production than heat dissipation, resulting in a rapid increase in core temperature, more than 40 ℃, accompanied by burning skin, impaired consciousness (such as delirium, convulsions, coma) and multi-organ dysfunction of serious fatal diseases, is the most serious type of heat stroke, once the mortality rate is extremely high .

Depending on the cause and susceptible population, heat stroke can be divided into non-exertional heat stroke (also known as classic heat stroke) and exertional heat stroke. The former is common in the young, pregnant women and the old and frail, while the latter is common in those who exercise vigorously in summer and in those with high intensity physical activity. A significant proportion of these high-intensity physical workers are workers, both outdoor workers such as construction workers and sanitation workers, and indoor workers including renovation workers and workshop workers.

Although it is possible to get pyrexia indoors, outdoor workers are at higher risk of worsening pyrexia than indoor workers. According to studies, outdoor patients are more likely to deteriorate than indoor patients. After treatment, more than 80% of outdoor heat stroke patients eventually die or fail to regain consciousness. In terms of exposure time, the average exposure time (hot and humid environment) of outdoor patients was 2.3 hours less than that of indoor patients.

The key to reducing the rate of death from heat-related illness is prevention. The most effective preventive measures are to avoid high temperature (high humidity) and unventilated environment, reduce and avoid the risk factors of heat stroke, ensure sufficient rest time, and avoid the occurrence of dehydration, thus reducing the incidence of heat stroke and death rate.

  1. Wearing a mask for a long time can cause lung nodules to increase in size


The middle layer of the mask meltblown cloth is a petroleum product, in which the micro particles will enter the human lungs through the respiratory tract, and long-term wear will lead to lung nodule enlargement.


Mask in the normal use period to wear, is not micro particles, and will not lead to increased lung nodules.

In addition to cotton, wool, hemp, silk, regenerated cellulose fiber and other textile materials, including meltblown cloth, many synthetic fibers are made using petroleum-based materials. Polypropylene, the main petroleum-based material, has a wide range of applications. The meltblown fabric used to make masks is a microfiber nonwoven material processed from polypropylene polymer material.

After this polymer material is processed into meltblown cloth, it has certain strength and very good filtration performance, and as long as it is not exposed to the sun, while not exceeding the use period, it will not produce micro particles.

  1. Vegetarians alone will not suffer from fatty liver


Since eating a lot of meat can easily lead to fatty liver, insisting on eating only vegetarian food can avoid developing fatty liver.


It is true that eating too much meat can lead to fatty liver, but not only eating too much meat can lead to fatty liver, even a vegetarian diet can lead to fatty liver. Contrary to overnutrition, chronic malnutrition and lack of protein intake can lead to “nutrient deficient fatty liver”.

Long-term vegetarians may suffer from protein deficiency due to nutritional imbalance. The liver needs protein to transport fat, which can lead to impaired fat transport and accumulation of fat in the liver.

In addition, compared to a balanced diet, vegetarians tend to feel hungry more easily, and the body’s digestive system will stimulate the body to eat more carbohydrates such as white rice, bread and cookies to increase satiety. These carbohydrates can be quite a few calories, which can be converted into fat stored in the liver, increasing the risk of fatty liver disease. In addition, excessive alcohol consumption may also lead to alcoholic fatty liver. Therefore, eating greasy and meat is not the only factor that leads to fatty liver.

  1. Meat grinder should stop using, otherwise it will hurt the liver


Doctors recommend stopping the use of meat grinders, otherwise it will damage the liver. Meat grinder is not clean will be moldy, producing liver damage, cancer-causing aflatoxin.


This statement is alarmist. Aflatoxin toxicity is indeed very strong, the intake of a certain amount may indeed cause liver damage, but meat is not easy to be aflatoxin contaminated food. Daily use of meat grinder as long as attention to health operations, and will not have safety problems.

From the results of the global food safety risk assessment, aflatoxin mainly contaminated cereals, nuts and seeds and cow’s milk and other foods, including corn, peanuts are the most common and most serious contamination, mainly because cereals and other foods in the field before harvesting by aflatoxin and other toxic bacteria infiltration and toxin production. At present, we have not seen meat contaminated with aflatoxin resulting in poisoning.

  1. Ice cream is slow to melt because of the addition of toxic “glue”


A brand of ice cream at about 31 ℃ put 1 hour are not completely melted, because the addition of “gum” (thickener), if excessive intake, will cause gastrointestinal disorders, and even affect the development of the nervous system of children.


There are many factors that affect the melting speed of ice cream, mainly related to ingredient composition. In 31 ℃ put 1 hour of ice cream is certainly melted, just because the dry substance of ice cream protein and thickener (soluble fiber) are large molecules, they can form a scaffold like space structure, so it can help it melt to maintain the “shape”.

Thickeners are very commonly used in ice cream/ice cream, mainly to change the structure of the ice crystals and participate in the formation of a fluffy texture. At the same time, thickeners can also enhance the stability of the texture of the product, as well as delay the melting speed, as long as the reasonable addition, do not worry.

At present, there are about 20 kinds of thickeners with the word “gum” in the state approved for use, among which the most come from plants (especially the seeds of legumes). Most of these “gums” are composed of “polysaccharides” and “soluble dietary fiber”, which are beneficial to health. But these “gum” manufacturers to add a little more can not, because adding more is not ice cream / ice cream, but jelly, so “long-term large” “excessive intake” is not realistic.

  1. sitting on a high-temperature stone pier can cure menstrual cramps


High-temperature stone pier can come to cure menstrual cramps. Just sit on a stone pier exposed to the sun, menstrual cramps will be relieved at once.


Sitting on a hot stone pier is not a cure for dysmenorrhea. Some people feel relief after sitting on the stone pier, on the one hand, because the stone pier is very hot, may affect the body’s senses, thus shifting the attention of dysmenorrhea; on the other hand, because sitting on the hot stone pier, may have a certain improvement on the body’s local blood circulation, so that the local level of prostaglandins with blood circulation to reduce, this and the principle of baby warmers, hot water bags similar.

But the surface temperature of the stone pier after exposure to the sun can reach 60 ℃ -70 ℃, sitting on the stone pier for a long time may lead to burns, it is not recommended to try.

  1. Tilt your head to play cell phone can prevent cervical spondylosis


Long-term low head is not good for the cervical spine, so you can tilt your head when playing cell phones in bed, which can relieve the pressure on the cervical spine.


Many people feel discomfort after working with their heads down for a long time, and then they often consciously give their necks some extra care in anticipation of relief from this discomfort or pain. However, the pressure on the cervical spine is similar to that of a long period of time with the head tilted and with the head down, only in different directions.

So, how to protect the cervical spine scientifically? First of all, you can move your neck properly, exercise your neck muscle strength, try to maintain a good sitting posture at work, keep your cervical spine in a neutral position, and do not overuse it. Secondly, you should seek medical treatment promptly when symptoms of cervical spondylosis appear. If you cannot relieve the disease through non-surgical treatment within three months, you need to consider surgical treatment. Although there is a certain risk, surgery for cervical spondylosis is minimally invasive and the medical technology has become more mature, which can directly release the nerve compression and solve the problem at the root. If the degree of surgery is needed, the sooner you receive surgery, the better the recovery effect will be.

  1. straight and long bananas with hormones can not eat


Don’t buy straight and long bananas, which may be “hormone bananas” that have been grown and ripened with chemical solutions. Round and curved bananas are naturally ripe.


There are many kinds of bananas and their fruit shapes are different. The fruit shape of plantains and red bananas is straight, while the fruit of pink bananas is slightly curved. The straightness and curvature of bananas are also related to the top and bottom of the banana handle and the growing season. In other words, there is no scientific basis to identify whether bananas can be eaten simply by relying on their straightness and curvature.

Bananas are subtropical fruits, and the freshly picked bananas are hard in texture and can be sold and eaten only after a period of storage and post-ripening. However, if you wait for the bananas to ripen on their own, it will not only take a long time, the ripening is not neat, and the fruit stalk is easy to rot. Therefore, bananas should be artificially ripened after harvesting, which can not only shorten the cycle of banana harvesting and marketing, but also help to improve the quality of the fruit.

There are many kinds of ripening methods for bananas, among which vinyl chloride ripening method is widely used because of its safety, convenience and efficiency. The structure and function of plant growth regulators are different from animal “hormones”, which mainly act on plant cells and do not bring negative effects to human growth and development.

With the promotion and application of modern agricultural technology, preservatives, food additives and plant growth regulators are not harmful to human health as long as they are allowed to be used under the relevant national standards and in the prescribed dosage.

  1. Summer blood pressure drop means that high blood pressure cured


After the summer, some patients with high blood pressure unexpectedly found their blood pressure lowered, or even reached a normal level, indicating that high blood pressure is “cured”.


The heat of summer causes the body’s blood vessels to dilate and peripheral vascular resistance to fall, resulting in a drop in blood pressure. In addition, in a hot environment, the body sweats more, drinking relatively less water, blood volume decreases, cardiac output decreases, which can easily lead to a drop in blood pressure. Therefore, the blood pressure of many hypertensive patients in summer seems to reach normal levels, not because the hypertension is really “cured”.

It is important to note that “normal” blood pressure in the summer does not mean that you can stop taking your medication. Blood pressure measurements are usually taken during the day, and the hot weather in the summer, many people sleep less at night, which affects the regulation of the neuroendocrine system, causing blood pressure to rise at night, resulting in large variations in blood pressure between day and night, which increases the risk of myocardial ischemia and stroke.

Therefore, blood pressure should not be determined by daytime measurements alone, but by 24-hour blood pressure monitoring and other necessary tests. Patients with hypertension should take their medication under the guidance of a doctor and reduce the dosage as appropriate, but should not stop using antihypertensive drugs without permission.

  1. One rabies vaccination does not need to be repeated for two years


Rabies vaccine “once for two years”, after a shot, within two years again by animal bites do not worry about rabies.


This is a misinformation. The rabies vaccine is not a one-time shot that can complete the entire immunization process.

Rabies is currently the most deadly infectious disease in the world, with an annual death rate of about 59,000 cases. If the disease is not treated after exposure, the death rate is almost 100% once clinical symptoms appear, so it should not be taken lightly.

If a dog bite occurs after vaccination, it should be treated in different situations. According to the Technical Guidelines for Rabies Prevention and Control (2016 Edition), if the re-exposure occurs during the immunization process, continue to complete the full vaccination according to the original procedure without increasing the dose; if the person is re-exposed within six months after the full immunization, there is generally no need for reimmunization; if the person is re-exposed within six months to one year after the full immunization, one dose of vaccine should be given on days 0 and 3; if the person is re-exposed within 1-3 years Those who are re-exposed within 1-3 years should receive 1 dose of vaccine each on days 0, 3 and 7; those who have been exposed for more than 3 years should receive the entire vaccination.

  1. Toilet paper should not be flushed directly to the toilet


You can’t throw toilet paper directly into the toilet and flush it away after using the toilet, otherwise it will bring serious consequences such as blockage.


Can not throw the toilet, mainly depends on what kind of paper is used. Nowadays, in the vast majority of cases, it is possible to throw toilet paper directly into the toilet and flush it away.

History was once widely used horse manure paper, wrinkled toilet paper, etc., raw materials are varied, workmanship is relatively rough, paper fibers are coarse, but also very strong, directly thrown into the toilet, indeed easy to block. So, in the past, the small paper basket in the bathroom really played a role in “guarding” the toilet.

Today’s commonly used rolls of paper is very easy in the impact of the water “pulverized”. Currently being implemented in the national standard GB/T 20810-2018 “toilet paper (including toilet paper raw paper)”, there is also a test on the dispersibility of paper, which is roughly a certain amount of paper, put into a plum tube filled with 5 liters of water, then rotate and ventilate, the paper shattered within 40 seconds to pass. So, toilet paper that meets the relevant standards can be flushed away directly, without putting too much pressure on the toilet.

But other types of paper, it is not necessarily suitable for the toilet. For example, the pumping paper, paper towels, etc. tend to be thicker and more flexible, which is usually because the fibers used in this type of paper are longer, but also add the ingredients that can maintain strength after getting wet. In addition, the kitchen paper towels, chemical fiber non-woven, but also to do in the wet situation does not fall apart not broken, so the “paper”, throw the toilet is really in the “add plug”.

On the other hand, the toilet and the pipe is also an important factor that affects the ability to flush, now the flush toilet force is not small, plus the pipe is usually thicker, dealing with toilet paper is no problem. But if it is the age of the bathroom, the toilet flush may be weak, the pipe and due to deposition and corrosion caused by narrowing brown, in this case, direct flush may also have hidden problems.

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