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Don’t let Tourette’s affect your child’s growth!

Don’t let Tourette’s affect your child’s growth

Pediatric Tourette Syndrome is a chronic neurological disorder that causes children to feel inferior because of their tics, which can cause them serious physical and psychological damage and affect their future.

Tic disorder is characterized by sudden, rapid, repetitive, and rhythmless motor or vocal twitches. The cause of tic disorder is complex and the mechanism is not clear, and is related to various factors such as genetics, neurobiochemical abnormalities, structural or functional brain abnormalities, nutrition, psychology, and immunity. Tic disorders are most common in children aged 5-7 years. Because some abnormal behaviors can affect the child’s normal life, this will continue for a long time, the child will have low self-esteem, if the child often appear the following conditions, then parents should pay attention!

  1. make sounds such as “ooh, oh, ah”, which can also be expressed as throat clearing, coughing, snorting, spitting, barking, etc.; complex vocal tics consist of meaningful words, phrases or sentences, which can be expressed as involuntary repetition of meaningless words and phrases that do not match the environment or cursing for no reason.
  2. Involuntary, sudden and rapid contraction of the muscles of the head, face, neck, shoulders, trunk and limbs, which is manifested by blinking, frowning, syncope, nose contraction, tongue extension, mouth opening, head shaking, head nodding, neck extension, shoulder shrugging and chest lifting.

When a child has various tic symptoms, parents should realize that the child’s symptoms are the result of the disease, not a deliberate strange appearance, so they should stabilize their emotions, maintain a calm state of mind, and avoid blaming or scolding the child.

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Because children have poor resistance and individual differences, some medications can have side effects. For this situation, Pediatrics I also has its own unique set of tic disorder treatment methods. In clinical treatment, TCM treatment has certain advantages. In addition to conventional treatment, some Tui Na, acupuncture, auricular point pressure bean, acupuncture point paste and other TCM external treatment methods can be used, which not only can regulate the internal organs function of children, but also more green and safe.

The cause and pathogenesis of Tourette’s syndrome is not yet fully understood, and the condition of each child is different, so the treatment needs to be individualized. The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

The experts reminded that parents should urge their children to develop good habits, work on time, refuse to stay up late; diet should not be too greasy, meat and vegetables with benefits; parents communicate with their children to form a relaxed and happy family atmosphere, when the child has pressure or difficulties, parents can comfort understanding to help children, so that the child’s negative emotions, release, to maintain a relaxed and optimistic attitude.

Children with Tourette’s syndrome who have co-occurring attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are prone to lower academic performance, failing or even repeating grades, and often suffer from various mental and/or behavioral disorders such as anxiety, depression, impulse control problems and sleep disorders, which can cause great pain to both the child and parents and can affect the child’s future. Parents should observe their children on a daily basis to achieve early detection and treatment.

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