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What to do if your eyes are itchy and inflamed?

As a common disease in people’s life, eye inflammation is mainly caused by improper eye use, bacterial infection and allergy. Its symptoms are mainly manifested as eye redness, itching and pain, which easily cause discomfort and affect the normal life and work of patients.

For inflamed and itchy eyes, patients can be treated with topical medication, internal medication, acupuncture treatment and daily care under the professional guidance of a doctor. Here are a few common treatment methods.

  1. Acupuncture treatment. If there are cases of conjunctivitis, keratitis and other eye inflammations, patients can undergo acupuncture treatment on ophthalmitis points and meridian and external odd points under the professional guidance of a doctor. This treatment method can play the effect of soothing the liver and brightening the eyes, clearing heat and detoxifying, thus relieving the redness, itching, pain and other uncomfortable symptoms of the eyes.

  2. External application of medication. If there is acute keratitis, acute conjunctivitis, acute iridocyclitis and other diseases, patients can use mannitol packs to apply externally to the eye discomfort according to medical advice. This treatment can play a role in clearing heat and brightening the eyes, activating the blood and dispersing swelling, thus making the eye redness and itching symptoms significantly reduced.

  3. Internal medication. If the patient’s eye inflammation is caused by the invasion of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms in the eye, you can use antibiotics, antiviral eye drops or ointment for targeted treatment under the professional guidance of a doctor, common antibiotic eye drops are levofloxacin eye drops, tobramycin eye drops, commonly used antiviral eye drops are ganciclovir eye drops. If necessary, patients can also take antibiotic drugs for combined treatment, so as to achieve the effect of eye anti-inflammatory.

  4.daily care. Patients in ordinary life should pay attention to healthy eye and eye hygiene, more hot towels on the eyes to relieve eye fatigue. At the same time, patients should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to replenish vitamins and improve their immune system.

  In summary, eye inflammation may be caused by bacterial infection, eye overuse, allergies, etc., which can cause eye redness, swelling, itching and other uncomfortable symptoms. Under the professional guidance of doctors, patients can achieve the purpose of eye anti-inflammation through acupuncture treatment, external medication, and internal medication. In addition, patients also need to take good care of their daily routine and pay attention to eye health and eye hygiene to promote the recovery of the disease.

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