• Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023

How to store to make the room more tidy?

    The new house is bought, but due to economic pressure, the house is not large enough, resulting in insufficient space, how to be useless corners into useful storage? How can the space become both neat and usable? Here's a look at what to do!

  1、Use partitions to make every space more effective and delicate

  There are often many corners in your home that can be designed to make them useful storage spaces! For example, the full flexibility of the use of partitions, these can be large or small, can be wide or narrow partitions can also be arbitrary combination, so the flexibility is very good, can be fully adapted to local conditions to become a good place for classification and storage. This kind of storage flexibility is higher, very suitable for the family with variable space.

  2, using a combination of storage

  Once we talk about combination we all think a lot, because there are so many things in our life that are combined, for example: cars, computers, cell phones and many others. Combination is actually a good concept, because family storage cannot be solved by a single method, whether it is a combination of furniture or a combination of ways, it is already a solution to the storage problem. At the same time, with the pursuit of personalization, even if it is not easy to change the shape of the furniture, there is more and more room for combination, especially living room cabinets with multiple cabinets with the function of TV cabinets, bookcases, storage cabinets are available in monolithic groups to increase, reduce or reassemble, more freely and freely with the ideal style they need.

  3、Small space with storage bags, storage boxes

  If you use cardboard boxes for storage, the various sizes of different cardboard boxes stacked horizontally and vertically, not only is not elegant enough, but also cause excess clearance. If you can make it the same size, in addition to easy to access, color, design or material unity, more present a very neat sense of beauty. You can choose the kind of special box, not only convenient and beautiful.

  4, design storage space must leave space for the future

  Storage should start from the decoration, there is another layer of meaning that the decoration should have a certain vision of development. It is best to be able to anticipate the changes in life within three years, you can ask some elders for advice on what problems you are likely to face if your state changes and the requirements for space, and then when decorating, you should set aside at least some space to deal with the changes. In case it will lead to a lot of trouble then, it will be more than worth it.

 5, clearly delineate the different functional areas of good storage

  Hidden storage or open storage at the beginning of the design should be well divided, of course, if the initial consideration is not complete, it is not too late to deal with it now, artificially divided, can make those messy things look all gone. It will make you look brighter! Have you learned how to organize?

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