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Do you know all the 5 factors that cause arthritis?

Many people think that arthritis is a disease that only occurs in the elderly, but in fact, many young people are now starting to have arthritis as well, and there are many causes of arthritis that should be prevented. There are many causes of arthritis and it is important to prevent it. When you have arthritis, you will experience a lot of discomfort.

  Causes of arthritis

  1. Obesity. When the body is too obese, the joints will bear a lot of gravity and pressure, if this invisible gravity and pressure can not be relieved, it will slowly form a disease, arthritis is a common kind, in order to avoid this situation, people should control their weight, so that the joints will be more healthy.

When the body is too obese, the joints will be subjected to a lot of gravity and pressure

  2. Infection factors. Many people think that joints and infections are not very related, or even do not realize that infection may lead to arthritis, to know that infection-induced arthritis, in the clinical very common, some people will have arthritis, mainly urinary tract infections and intestinal infections caused by.

  3. Humid living environment. Humid environment can also cause arthritis to appear, if in life everyone’s joints are always invaded by damp cold constantly, it will lead to arthritis appear, damp cold to the body will affect the normal operation of qi and blood, this situation has always existed, will increase the chances of developing arthritis.

  4. Degenerative changes. As we age, our bones change, which can lead to a number of bone diseases, arthritis is one of them.

As we age, our bones will change

  5. Genetic factors. This condition occurs in younger patients with arthritis, with ankylosing spondylitis being the most common. This disease not only causes many abnormalities in the joints, but also in the eyes, nervous system, kidneys, lungs and many other areas.

  Symptoms of arthritis

  Joint dysfunction: Arthritis may cause edema around the joints after the swelling has worsened, which may restrict joint movement and cause joint dysfunction. The appearance of joint dysfunction is very serious, we must pay attention to avoid the appearance of joint dysfunction.
Insist on using hot water to soak your feet and take a hot bath before bed to reduce pain
  2. joint swelling and pain: after the appearance of arthritis disease, one of the common symptoms is swelling and pain, at first the pain and swelling is not too obvious, but if the patient often walk or strenuous exercise, then the swelling or pain will increase. If not treated effectively, the swelling and pain may lead to impaired mobility.

Patients who walk or exercise vigorously on a regular basis

  Other symptoms: Arthritis disease also has other symptoms, such as necrosis of the soft tissues around the joints, as well as muscle weakness and muscle atrophy, etc. These symptoms are caused by long-term untreated arthritis, and these complications can cause serious harm to people’s bodies, so people should pay attention to them.

  How to do arthritis

  1. eat more fruits, fresh fruits are generally rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid, which helps relieve joint pain.

  Improve diet, some foods help to relieve inflammation, it is recommended that people with arthritis eat more vegetables, coarse grains, nuts and lean meat, and try to avoid junk food.

  Heat therapy. Heat helps relieve joint pain and stiffness because it stimulates the blood and increases the amount of oxygen in the blood. Insist on soaking your feet in hot water and taking a hot bath before going to bed to relieve pain.

Stick to soaking your feet in hot water and taking a hot bath before bed to relieve pain

  4. Try eating olive oil, which contains an enzyme that fights inflammation and relieves minor discomfort after taking ibuprofen. For example, when cooking, use olive oil instead of canola oil, and use olive oil to make salads or cold dishes. You can also put a few drops of olive oil on your palms and massage your joints during normal times, which can help relieve arthritis.

  5. Eat a little ginger every day. Ginger has high medicinal value and can be used not only to fight inflammation but also to reduce the discomfort caused by arthritis. Drink a few cups of ginger tea each day, or flavor it with ginger.

  6. Wear a small cotton jacket for the joints, meaning that those suffering from joint or wrist problems can try wearing a pair of comfortable gloves before going to bed, which can help control inflammation and relieve joint pain and stiffness. If the affected joint is the elbow or knee, you can wrap a scarf or use a warm knee quilt, it will feel much better.

  Conclusion: We should now know what conditions can cause arthritis. You should take good care of your joints, take good care of your joints, don’t put too much pressure on your joints, reduce the invasion of cold air, and treat arthritis as soon as it occurs.

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