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Are women prone to breast cysts when they are angry?

Breast cysts are a common problem for most women of childbearing age, especially for women who are breastfeeding, and their chances of developing breast cysts are higher.

This is mainly because when a woman is breastfeeding, if the milk from a particular lobe is not drained properly, it will cause a large amount of milk to accumulate in the breast, which will lead to breast cysts over time.

But in addition, there are people who believe that frequent boredom or is also the main reason why women are prone to breast cysts, is this really true? In which cases women need to pay extra attention to breast cysts this disease?

A. Can frequent sulking cause women to suffer from breast cysts?

According to the doctor, breast cysts are mainly secretory changes in the epithelium of women’s breast ducts, which makes the ducts become more filled with fluid, resulting in the formation of round or ovoid cysts on women’s breast.

Although the cause of breast cysts in women is not clear, it is generally believed that the symptoms are related to changes in estrogen in women’s bodies, so women around the time of menopause or during pregnancy are more likely to develop breast cysts due to changes in estrogen and progesterone in their bodies, which can easily stimulate their breast tissue.

In addition, mood swings are also a major factor that causes hormonal changes in women’s bodies, such as excessive anxiety or great joy and sadness, which can have fluctuations on women’s estrogen.

There is no direct evidence to prove whether sulking will promote the growth of breast cysts or cause them. Therefore, the claim that sulking can easily cause breast cysts in women may not be scientific at this time.

In these two cases, women need to be extra alert for breast cysts.

  1. When there is severe pain in the breast

For women with breast cysts, if there is severe pain in the breast, it is most likely a symptom of an infected breast cyst. At this time, the patient should seek medical attention and extract the thick fluid from the breast in order to reduce the symptoms of breast pain and relieve the condition.

  1. sudden increase in cysts within a short period of time

For women with breast cysts, if you find that your cysts suddenly grow rapidly in a short period of time, you need to be alert. At this time, in order to prevent the condition from worsening, patients should choose to go to a regular hospital for a series of examinations in time, and then do some targeted treatment according to the doctor’s instructions, so as to effectively prevent the cyst from becoming cancerous.

In conclusion, although the risk of breast cysts becoming cancerous is relatively low, if patients do not pay attention to it, the possibility of cysts becoming cancerous cannot be ruled out.

Therefore, for women with breast cysts, besides going to the hospital for regular review, they should also keep their emotions as happy as possible to avoid changes in estrogen in their bodies due to excessive mood swings, which can affect the development of breast cysts.

In addition, breast cyst patients should pay more attention to their diet and try to eat more fresh vegetables and grains and cereals, not to blindly take supplements, especially some foods rich in animal fat and fried.

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